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zsis) - Quarterly Editions

Since 2019, the articles of the Centre for Swiss and International Tax Law have been grouped into quarterly issues by year. The allocation is made according to publication date and simplifies the retrieval as well as the citability of the articles published on zsis). You will find all articles since 2019 in the archive below.


Article description

The designation of the articles is regulated as follows: The articles are numbered per calendar year, starting with "A1". "A1" is therefore the first article published in a calendar year. The contributions are numbered consecutively over all quarterly issues published in a year.


All articles are equipped with marginal numbers. This allows you to cite the relevant reference directly. The marginal numbers start again at 1 for each article.

The page numbers of the articles (PDF version) are based on the quarterly issues. The quarterly issues are numbered consecutively. This means that the first published article per quarter starts with page number 1 and all articles published in this quarter are then numbered consecutively. However, the page number is only for orientation in the PDF document. When citing the articles on the zsis), the marginal numbers should be used.

You will find a concrete citation suggestion both in the online version and in the PDF document with each article on the zsis).

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