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Jürg B. Altorfer

zsis) Specialist:
Jürg B. Altorfer
Dr. oec. publ.
Consultant for corporate taxes and member of the management
Members of the zsis)-redaction
Publisher of the zsis)

Dr. Jürg B. Altorfer's main job is to coordinate the investment practice in the areas of self-employed persons and legal entities, investment income and affiliated shareholders at the Cantonal Tax Office Zurich.

In addition, as Chairman of the Corporate Taxation Working Group of the Swiss Tax Conference (SSK), he has also been involved for a long time in national legislation and practice, and exercises mandates for the Conference of Cantonal Finance Directors (FDK) in questions of national and international corporate taxation. Finally, Dr. Jürg B. Altorfer, as President of the Quality Assurance Section, is involved in conceptual issues and in the design and implementation of data management in the reorganisation of financial equalisation and the distribution of tasks between the Confederation and the cantons (NFA).
As a lecturer, Dr. Jürg B. Altorfer teaches seminars, training and further education events at the Institute for Swiss and International Tax Law (ISIS), where he is also a member of the Institute's management, at the Swiss Institute for Tax Studies (SIST), at the International Fiscal Association (IFA), at the Swiss Tax Conference (SSK) as well as at the courses for certified tax experts (EXPERTsuisse) and the University of Zurich for LL.M. International Tax Law. Until the end of 2008, he chaired the exam commission for the tax expert examination.

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