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ISIS) seminar "Current Issues in Corporate Tax Law (Repetition)" (seminar folder)

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Case studies, detailed solution notes and slides: Here you will receive all documents (workshops and presentations) according to the following description from the ISIS) seminar "Aktuelles zum Unternehmenssteuerrecht (Wiederholung)" from 03/04 June 2019 under the direction of Peter Mäusli-Allenspach, which took place in the Grand Resort in Bad Ragaz.

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The focus is on current developments in corporate taxation in legislation, administrative practice and case law. Of particular interest this year is also the current status of the Tax Bill 17 (SV17) and the Federal Law on Tax Reform and AHV Financing, STAF. The design and implementation as well as possible effects and tax law problems for companies and their stakeholders will be discussed. In addition, current issues in the area of intercantonal and international corporate tax law will be discussed and current developments and stumbling blocks in VAT law will be addressed.

Topics and speakers

Current problems of the taxation of partnerships (learn more)

Prof. Dr. oec. publ. Julia von Ah, certified tax expert, Partner von Ah & Partner AG, Zurich, Executive Director and Professor at the SIST Swiss Institute for Tax Law at Kalaidos Law School in Zurich

Jakob Rütsche, certified tax expert, Head of the Cantonal Tax Administration Thurgau, President of the Swiss Tax Conference (SSK) and President of the Commission for Self-Employed Persons and Legal Entities

Current problems of taxation of public limited companies and shareholders

Lic. iur. Oliver Jäggi, attorney-at-law, certified tax expert, Senior Advisor at Tax Partner AG, Zurich

Lic. oec. HSG Carolina Melly, Head of Legal Entities Department, Cantonal Tax Administration Schaffhausen

Current questions on withholding tax and stamp duty including international facts (learn more)

Lic. iur. Markus Küpfer, Advocate, Tax Expert SSK, Head of Legal Division, Direct Taxes, Withholding Tax and Stamp Duties Department, Federal Tax Administration, Bern

Lic. iur. Thomas Jaussi, certified tax expert, business engineer HTL/NDS, partner JP Steuer AG, Basel

Selected stumbling blocks from tax practice and outlook on the corporate tax reform (SV17 / or STAF)

Dr. oec. HSG Jürg Altorfer, certified tax expert, Partner ADB Altorfer, Duss & Beilstein AG, Zurich

Dr. oec. Jürg B. Altorfer, Consultant Corporate Taxes and Member of the Executive Board of the Cantonal Tax Office Zurich, President of the Corporate Tax Working Group of the Swiss Tax Conference (SSK)

Current problems of intercantonal and international corporate tax law (learn more)

Prof. Dr. iur. René Matteotti LL.M. (Tax), Attorney at Law, Full Professor for Swiss, European and International Tax Law at the University of Zurich, Consultant at Tax Partner AG, Zurich

Lic. iur. Philipp Betschart, attorney-at-law, certified tax expert, member of the Executive Board and Head of the Legal and Legislation Division of the Cantonal Tax Office of Zurich

Current VAT problems

Dr. iur. Roger Rohner, certified tax expert, MAS FH in MWST, Partner RETAX Rohner & Erni Tax AG, Zurich

Dr. iur. Ralf Imstepf, attorney-at-law, certified tax expert, Head of Division, Legal Division, VAT Department, Federal Tax Administration, Bern


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