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Seminar folder ISIS)-Seminar "Real Estate Transactions - Tax Consequences National and Cross-Border

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Case studies, detailed solution notes and slides: Here you will receive all documents of the individual workshops according to the following DeepL description from the ISIS) seminar "Real Estate Transactions - Tax Consequences National and Cross-Border" from September 12 and 13, 2022 under the direction of Julia von Ah.

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Land ownership has always been an important object of fiscal pressure.

The aim is to deal in depth with current tax law issues that arise in connection with the taxation of real estate held as private and business assets. The focus is on the transfer, division, donation, leasing as well as temporary and permanent transfers of use. It also deals with intercantonal and international aspects of tax segregation and questions of value-added tax.

Topics and speakers

Real estate held as private property (learn more)

Dr. iur. Toni Hess, Head of Legal Services and Deputy Head of the Cantonal Tax Administration Graubünden, Chur

Lic. oec. publ. Daniel Bader, certified tax expert, partner at Bär & Karrer AG, Zurich

Lic. iur. Rachid Ghazi, Certified Tax Expert, Attorney at Law, Head of Tax Expert Team Zürcher Kantonalbank

Taxation of real estate trading, differentiation from private asset management (learn more)

Lic. iur. Stephanie Eichenberger, certified tax expert, Partner Tax Partner AG, Zurich

Reto Fürer, LL.M. Taxation, Business Economist FH, Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Taxation FH, Tax Commissioner mbA, Construction Division at the Cantonal Tax Office Zurich

Intercantonal and cross-border real estate transactions (learn more)

MLaw Laetitia Fracheboud, certified tax expert, Associate at Homburger AG

Lic. iur. HSG Olivier Margraf, Head of Legal Department Cantonal Tax Administration Thurgau

Real estate companies and collective investment schemes with direct or indirect real estate ownership incl. effects on unitholders (learn more)

Christoph Frey, Certified Tax Expert, Director, Head of Real Estate Tax, Tax & Legal at KPMG AG, Zurich

Maxim Dolder, Certified Tax Expert, Senior Manager, Tax & Legal at KPMG AG, Zurich

Special issues with real estate in business assets (learn more)

Lic. iur. Samuel Ramp, certified tax expert, attorney at law, partner at Fischer Ramp Buchmann AG

Lic. oec. HSG Martin Huber, Financial Planner with Swiss Federal Diploma, Deputy Team Leader Assessments, Construction Division, Cantonal Tax Office Zurich

Tax deferral for restructuring and replacement of business and private assets (learn more)

Dr. iur. Stephan Pfenninger, Attorney at Law, Partner Taxpartner AG, Zurich

Lic. iur. André Jordi, Deputy Director, BL Property Taxes, Tax Office City of Zurich

VAT pitfalls in real estate transactions (learn more)

Prof. Dr. iur. Ralf Imstepf, Attorney at Law, Certified Tax Expert, EMBA HSG, Assistant Professor HSG and Co-Head of the Legal Department, VAT Division, FTA, Bern

Britta Rehfisch, Tax Consultant (DE), Certified Tax Expert, Director at ADB Altorfer Duss & Beilstein AG, Zurich

Valuation of real estate (unit)

Alexandre Amper, Head of Real Estate Advisory BDO AG, Zurich


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