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ISIS) seminar "Tax-optimised company succession - opportunities and risks of fundamentally different succession options" (seminar folder)

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Case studies, detailed solution notes and slides: Here you will receive all documents (workshops and presentations) according to the following description from the ISIS) seminar "Tax-optimised company succession - opportunities and risks of fundamentally different succession options" from 14/15 September 2020, which was held online under the direction of Julia von Ah.

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The tax law problems arising in connection with business succession at national and international level are discussed on the basis of the latest developments in legislation, case law, literature and administrative practice.

Topics and speakers

Tax optimisation of internal succession options: Family Buy-Out (FBO), Management Buy-Out (MBO) (learn more)

Susanne Schreiber, Attorney at Law (D), Tax Advisor, Certified Tax Expert, Co-Head Tax Team, Partner Bär &
Karrer AG

Lic. oec. et lic. iur. HSG Ildiko Truffer, certified tax expert, LL.M. International Taxation, expert in tax law Canton of Zurich
Tax Office Zurich

Tax optimisation of internal succession options: Contribution to a foundation or
a trust (learn more)

Dr. iur. Natalie Peter, LL.M., TEP, Attorney at Law, Partner Blum & Grob Attorneys at Law

Dr. iur. Harold Grüninger, LL.M., Attorney at Law, Specialist Attorney SAV Inheritance Law, Partner Homburger AG, Co-Editor
of "successio", Journal for Inheritance Law, Estate Planning and Settlement

Tax optimisation of external succession options: Sale to as yet unknown domestic or foreign entrepreneur (MBI), sale to strategic investors in Germany or abroad (M&A) (learn more)

Lic. iur. René Schreiber, Attorney at Law, Certified Tax Expert, Member of the Study Commission SIST (Swiss
Institute for Tax Law), Partner Baker McKenzie, Zurich

Lic. iur. HSG Patrick Meier, certified tax expert, Head of Legal Department, Tax Administration of the Canton of Zug

Financing MBOs (learn more)

Lic. iur. Stefan Oesterhelt, LL.M., Attorney at Law, Certified Tax Expert, Partner Homburger AG, Zurich

Lic. oec. HSG, lic. iur. HSG Bernhard Heusser, lawyer, certified tax expert, MA in Taxation, Credit Suisse
(Switzerland) Ltd.

Provisions for the entrepreneur in the course of succession (potential for optimisation and limits under social security and tax law) (learn more)

Lic. iur. Sirgit Meier, MAS Taxation/LL.M. Tax, Coordination of Taxation for Private Individuals, Business Unit
Law and Coordination of the Tax Administration of the Canton of Bern, Vice President of the Working Group on Pension Plans of the
Swiss Tax Conference (SKK)

Dr. iur., lic. oec. HSG Peter Lang, certified tax expert, Head of Tax Service Swiss Life, former representative for
tax issues of the Swiss Insurance Association SIA

Company valuation in the course of succession (different valuations for different purposes: development, transaction, tax optimisation) (learn more)

Oliver Ambs, Director, Head of Business Valuations Switzerland, BDO AG

Lic. oec. publ. Stefan Widmer, certified tax expert, Partner Prime Tax AG

The Use of Foundations and Private Trust Companies in the Context of International
Business Succession

Dr. iur. Kurt Moosmann, MBA (Carnegie Mellon), TEP, CFP, Managing Director and owner Moosmann Advisors AG


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