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Seminar folder ISIS)-Seminar "Criminal Tax Law" (2023)

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Case studies, detailed solution notes and slides: Here you will receive all documents of the individual workshops according to the following content description from the ISIS) seminar "Tax Criminal Law" from 09 May 2023 under the direction of Rolf Benz.

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More and more frequently, taxpayers are confronted with the initiation of post-tax and criminal tax proceedings or with a foreign request for administrative or judicial assistance. This seminar shows how to proceed in such cases and what the consequences are, but also how such proceedings can be avoided.

Topics and speakers

Non-punishable voluntary disclosure and its pitfalls (learn more)

Lic. iur. Peter Hösli, Head of Special Services Department, Cantonal Tax Office Zurich

Nadia Tarolli Schmidt, Attorney at Law, Certified Tax Expert, Partner, Vischer

Criminal tax proceedings (learn more)

Oliver Appenzeller, MLaw, Attorney at Law, Coordinator Criminal Law and Administrative Assistance, Tax Administration Canton Bern

Lic. iur. Mark Cagienard, Attorney at Law, Certified Tax Expert, MAS FH in VAT, CAS FH in Customs Law, Partner, CMS von Erlach Poncet AG

Intent and negligence (learn more)

Daniel Holenstein, attorney-at-law, certified tax expert, attorney-at-law, tax consultant, NSF Rechtsanwälte AG

Tax (penalty) consequences of discretionary assessments (learn more).

Verena Grossmann, Advocate, Staff Department Special Services, Cantonal Tax Office Zurich

Prof. FH, Dr. iur. Rolf Benz, attorney-at-law, owner, Steuererkanzlei Rolf Benz, Winterthur, part-time Federal Judge

Criminal aspects of the withholding tax (learn more)

Cédric Hofer, Team Leader, Withholding Tax and Stamp Duty Collection Division, Federal Tax Administration (FTA)

Martin Jau, Advocate, LL.M. International Tax Law (Vienna), Owner, Tax Firm Jau AG


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